Sunday, 30 May 2010

Trend Report - Nautical

The nautical theme always seems to become trendy every summer, but I really like the twist that keeps popping up this time around - the great rope necklaces make a bold and interesting statement piece that will update a simple outfit.

Here are some great nautical themed photos that will hopefully inspire you as well!

I love this great ship that is hanging in the middle of a room like a chandelier.

Here are some of the great rope necklaces that I was talking about.

Of course sailor shorts (or trousers) are always a classic.

More rope necklaces.

Ropes showing up everywhere!

Even more rope necklaces.

As simple rope braiding technique that you can make into a bracelet. (taken from The Handbook of Knots, by Des Pawson)

A great tutorial for the necklace can be found here courtesy of Love Maegan.

You can find the full instructions for this necklace here courtesy of Ps I Made This.

And finally, yet another tutorial by Love Maegan available here.

Photos from top: Room styling by Muriel Brandolini via; necklace from darlingjames via; turquoise rope necklace via; Michelle's nautical styling via; shorts by Milli at; Necklaces by Lizzie Fortunato (except bottom right, by unknown) via; Jennifer Behr headband via; Isla knotted rope wedges via; Hand knotted necklaces via; Necklaces via; Page taken from The Handbook of Knots by Des Pawson; Necklace tutorial via; tutorial by; tutorial via

Monday, 24 May 2010

DIY Geometric Necklace

Big, bold, and chunky necklaces are being seen everywhere right now. Here is a great DIY version from the blog Haute Hapa. The full tutorial can be found here.

Photo via

DIY Wrap Top

Here is a quick and easy DIY of a wrap top via Behind the Seams' blog. The full tutorial can be found here.

Photo via

Double T-Shirt DIY

Here is an amazing idea that could easily be DIY-ed at home. It is a t-shirt that is sewn together at the neckline (and the top one has the sleeves sewn shut so that you have pockets). Here it is with a couple of ways to wear it:

For more inspiration, you can find the takeoffyourclothes photo albums via flicker here.

Photos from top: Double shirt via; double shirt via takeoffyourclothes...'s at

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Trend Report - Plaid (Tartan)

Here is a mini trend report for plaid (I know I should be using the term tartan in the UK, but i usually revert back to my North American terminology - Sorry!). Here are a few great pieces that should give you ideas of how to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe! (oh, and just as a side note, I will be doing a fabulous pair of plaid shorts in my upcoming collection!)

Photos from top: Vivienne Westwood dress via; Thread Social shorts via; Marc by Marc Jacobs dress via; Kate Spade shoes via

Designer Patterns

I am sure everyone would love to wear designer clothes at a fraction of their price. Well now you can using their actual patterns! Here are some designer creations that you can make yourself with free patterns that can be downloaded as a PDF.

Here is a John Galliano's 'Pirate Jacket' available for download here.

Here is a Matthew Williamson kaftan (perfect for summer), available here (and instructions available here).

This is an Anthony Price dress from 1989 called 'The Macaw', which is still relevant today! It is available here.

Last but not least, the perfect way to honour Alexander Mcqueen would be to make his interpretation of the kimono top; available here.

Photos from top: John Galliano jacket via; Matthew Williamson kaftan via; Anthony Price dress via; Alexander Mcqueen kimono top via

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Trend Report - Sheer

Sheer has been huge for spring and looks like it will continue to be big in the seasons to come. Here are a few looks to inspire you!

Photos from top: Ralph Lauren trench via; Christian Dior, photographed by Monica Feudi via; Sheer leggings via; Fendi blouse via; Christian Dior, photographed by Monica Feudi via; Sheer blouse via

Website Discovery - My Vintage Vogue

If you are a vintage lover or need some fashion inspiration, you should definitely check out this great blog: They have tons of pictures that are all organized by era or category. Here are some of the fabulous photos that you can find there!

All photos via

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Power Shoulders

The 80's have come back into fashion in a big way and along with it have come the "power shoulder" look! Here are 10 DIYs to create your own unique power shoulder look:

Fringe shoulder pads - diy available here.

Fringe shoulder pads; diy available here.

Feather and stud shoulder pads, diy available here.

Fur and chain shoulder pads; diy available here.

Asymmetric feather and chain shoulder pad; diy available here.

Chain shoulder detail; diy available here.

Feather and lace shoulder pads; diy available here.

Pearl shoulder pads; diy available here.

Ruffle puff sleeve t-shirt; diy available here.

Chain and fringe t-shirt; diy available here.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite childhood stories, so I am in love with all of the Alice inspired clothing and accessories that have been popping up lately. Here are a few to inspire!

And of course there is the December 2003 issue of Vogue (American) with the Alice in Wonderland photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz.

Photos from top: heart earrings - Tom Binns for Disney via, chess piece necklace via, cheshire cat ring via, tea part ring via, drink me necklace via, mad hatter ring via, hand painted shoes from lindartiste via, alice in wonderland series via