Monday, 2 August 2010

Trend Report - Clear Raincoats

Even though it hasn't been a typical rainy summer in Manchester, I am still loving these see through rain coats. It's probably because I am not originally from the UK, and the rain doesn't bother me that much (its much easier than snow!). Here are some great rain coats that are trendy at the moment and will keep you dry when it does finally rain!

Here are some great designer versions.

There are even fab vintage versions out there too!

Some cute patterned ones (and yes the second one is not see through, but just as nice).

There are some gorgeous trompe l'oeil versions.

Photos from top: Zac Posen via; dsquared via; Vintage raincoat via; Printed raincoat via; Cherry coat via; Hair coat via; Dolce and Gabbana via


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